Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Late Over Party

 Olivia turned 8!!  She wanted a birthday party so bad this year!  So we decided to have a late over with a few of Olivia's friends.  We sent the boys away so there would be no boy interruptions!  The girls did Shrinky Dinks as crafts, ate a ton of food and had a ton of fun! 

 For dinner Livvy wanted Pizza Rolls and Doritos.  Seemed easy enough, so I added cupcakes that the girls could decorate themselves too for dessert!  And don't forget a LOT of popcorn to go with the movie!

 Jersi, Nauoli, Averie, Kendall, Livvy, KaeLea and Hailie
You might think that girls are easy and they are, but at one point or another every single girl had cried during this party!  The funny thing is I was with them the whole time and I was oblivious to why they were crying! At least none of them went home crying. (I hope!) 

 They had a pillow fight and a dress up session.  Mason was the prince.  He seemed happy enough about it. Two girls smashed into each other and one had a bloody nose and the other thought her nose broke!  That was pretty sad! 
 I suggested we do presents and that made everyone happy.  They know Livvy pretty well because she got a lot of Bunny things as gifts! 
 Movie Time!!  "Cowgirls and Angels"  It was a cute movie.  Livvy loved it and it was a fitting movie for her.  A few of the girls thought it was a sad movie.  I watched it with them and didn't think it was sad!  Tender hearts! haha
 Livvy had a great time, but I think we might just go for milkshakes next year.  I am glad Olivia has such a great group of girl friends! :)

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