Monday, March 18, 2013

Baptism Day

So many things ran through my mind on Olivia's Baptism day. The one thing I felt the most was gratitude.  Gratitude for my life, my family, and Olivia.  She has the most tender heart you could ever find.  My friends came down for the baptism and it was a huge blessing to me.  Almost immediately upon being here they had solved many of my stresses.  We had such a fun crazy day and it will always be a good memory to me.  Noelle came down early to help me take Olivia's pictures.  She is so amazing.  She is ALWAYS willing to come rescue me at any craft idea I want to pursue.    She did an amazing job capturing Olivia that morning of her baptism day.

After the photo shoot we headed back to help Jeremy prepare for dinner and to be honest just hang out and have fun!  This is the cake that I was making for Olivia's dessert.  But I didn't make it!  Brandalyn stepped in and made it perfect!  Such a cute idea thanks to Pintrest!

It was nothing short of an amazing day.  Olivia was totally ready to be baptized.  When I was able to find a quiet moment we had a great conversation about what it meant to her.  I was really impressed with the things she was thinking about.  She told me if she wasn't ready to be baptized she would just wait till she knew what she wanted.  But she also told me that even though she knew she could wait, she didn't want to and she felt ready.  I don't think my testimony was as strong as hers at that age!  The spirit was strong and I knew she knew she was ready.
She was super nervous but couldn't stop smiling.  Although, she didn't like the jumpsuit.  She didn't think it was very cute and she thought the pants were too short!  HA!  (there is some of her mom in there!!)

Olivia was brave!  She got up and sang the Jenny Phillips song, "Where You Stand."  Brandalyn played for her.  She did an amazing job!

After, Noelle grabbed a few pictures of her friends and cousin who came.  Love these little girls!

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Alyson Bailey said...

What a gorgeous girl! So glad we could be there.