Monday, May 21, 2012

New Arrival... Baby M Story

Born on April 28, 2012 at 2:34 PM baby Mason made his appearance into the world.  What a ride that was!  He was beautiful and tiny. 6 lbs 11 oz and 20 in long.  Lots of dark hair and he had much to say coming in with a really loud cry.

The weeks leading up to his birth were intense.  School winding down and end of the year activities were going on and I was dying.  The thought of waiting for the due date of May 14 pretty much brought me to tears!  This baby was coming early and I knew it. I was barely walking and my kids were my personal picker-upers.  They would walk around with me to clean what I would tell them.  (It was kinda great!) 

The Friday before I had Mason, I walked down to see my friend Tiff at the neighbors'.  I was really slow and really tired.  She asked if I was in labor and thinking back I probably was. By 2 AM I started having contractions.  Livvy and Cohen were at Grandma's having a sleepover and McCoy was having a sleepover in our room.  His dad bought him a bag of Hersey's Kisses candy and for some reason he woke up and began to eat them.  It was super funny.  I sat there and listened to him trying to take the tin foil wrapper off and muttering to himself.  He is such a candy boy.  I told J that maybe because he was already awake we should take him to Grandma's.  So a little while later we were on our way.

I checked into the hospital about 4 am.  I HATE feeling contractions and I was ULTRA paranoid that we wouldn't make it in time to get an epidural. We got in and I was dilated to a 3.  Hours went by and my contractions got further apart, but were just as intense.  At 9 am the Dr. decided to send me home because I wasn't progressing.  I was so sad and bummed I couldn't get out of there fast enough.  I cried all the way home.  I was super exhausted and we both went right to bed.  J fell right to sleep but every 9 minutes I would wake up in contraction pain.  I slipped quietly out of the room and called my friend Lawni.  If anyone knew about contraction pain, she did!  I cried to her for a while and she helped me get all calm and gave some pointers on how to handle the pain.  J woke and not knowing what else to do decided to go mow the lawn.

I sat and tired to "focus" on a show.  I tried not to move or tense while each contraction came.  Then having tried that for awhile I decided to try to scream to see if it made the pain less tense.  So I did!  I SCREAMED!!  J came running in because he thought I was having the baby!  HA HA!  He wasn't impressed with my little experiment!  I decided then that we should go back in.  I was scared to go because they had already sent me home once!  By the time we got to the hospital I couldn't walk and I was crying. They checked me and I was a 5.  The nurses asked if I wanted and epidural and "YES, hurry because I go fast" is all I could say.  Well...let's just say the epidural wasn't fast enough.  The Anesthesiologist didn't make it there fast enough.   All I can remember is being sooo soo angry!  I was screaming with every contraction soooo loud!!!  I felt like I was in a different world.  I just kept saying I don't want to do this!!  But I did.  He was born within 25 minutes of getting there.  Thank goodness it was fast!  I DO NOT know how people have long labors.  It was very sudden and unexpected and terrifying for me.  Poor J!  I kept glaring at him saying, "I TOLD YOU they wouldn't make it in time!!"  But all that being said and done - Wow, I got a beautiful baby boy to love!


becca said...

Heather, you are the cutest and I love you so much!!! Congrats and I can't wait to meet little Mason!

stacy said...

Good thing little Mason was worth all the pain! And seriously good thing he came fast :) You will always be tougher than me because I don't think I can ever do it without drugs.

The Milligan Blog said...

First of all, I LOVE the Ron Paul shirt!! :) Secondly, go Heather!! You are a champ and I am so proud of you for getting through that experience. You poor thing!!!! Mason is darling and just so tiny! I never get that 6 lb baby :) Love him! Hope you are feeling well :)