Saturday, March 29, 2014

I WAS THERE! Woman's Conference 2014

 Such a fun and memorable night.  We went to the First General Women's Meeting ever!  Our stake did such a good job making it memorable with a photo wall and an ice cream social but the conference was completely amazing and spiritual.  Livvy was among the youngest who could attend.  At first, I was really nervous that she wouldn't be able to sit through it, but she did great.  The stake handed out papers to keep track of all of our thoughts and feelings throughout the talks.  There was a space to draw a picture.  It was so cute how Olivia drew pictures of her animals (past and present) and her and I praying.  It brought me so much happiness to bring her with me and her Aunts and Grandma.  When we got home, Jeremy had made us the yummiest dinner! J- Feel free to type what it is!  But it was so good.

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