Wednesday, December 25, 2013


Santa made it!  He sure deserved a LOOONG  nap!  I'm feeling so grateful this year for all we've been able to do and for everything we have.  I am especially grateful for my Savior for letting me be with my family on Earth and forever.
With all the kids changing their minds every other day, we sure hope Santa found the perfect thing!  I think he did!  Even Olivia's doll got a stocking full of shoes!
Mason's slide was perfect for him!  He went down it a million times and was so proud of himself!
Olivia's favorite thing was her new American Girl Doll Julie!  She was so excited!  You know that if my only daughter wants a doll...she's going to get a doll.
McCoy was awake enough to open presents but I couldn't tell if he loved any more than the other.  Such a happy cute guy.  He is a slow opener.  On the other hand, Cohen was so so fast that you couldn't look away from him or you would miss it!
Cohen ran around the room after each gift inspecting the other and back to his own pile to open another.  The video of it just makes you heart happy!
Christmas morning at Grandma's to inspect everyone's goods. Mason really wanted Coy's cars.
Jed and Candice graciously gave us all a family gift vacation this year to go as a whole family.  We absolutely love it.  They gave us a huge puzzle and when it was taking us too long they put this in front.  We were headed to Bear Lake!!  SUPER FUN!

My poor, tired, beat up, candy eating, little man.  He was quite content with his slide and eating all his candy.
By that afternoon all him and Denver wanted to do was watch Monster's University over and over.  I didn't mind one bit!
Cohen's favorite gift was Skylander's Swapforce and this Chima Lego Set.  He built it by himself and was done after a few hours.  It remained built for a few days and then ended up in the pile of Legos.  I think I cried.
Merry Christmas!!!

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