Monday, July 30, 2012

Coy turns 3!

Coy turned 3!  He is so much fun.  We had a YELLOW family party.  As I had already planned everything he came up to me and told me yellow isn't his favorite color anymore.  Red was.  I was panicking inside because how could I do a yellow party for Coy if he like red!  His favorite color has always been yellow! And within in a day he was back to yellow.   We had the family party the night before and it really confused Coy as to which day was his birthday.  J made chicken nuggets and tater tots for his dinner and I made a yellow ruffle cake. The party favors were made of any yellow candy I could find.  And lemonade to drink.   It really was so much fun.

Coy asks daily if he can go over and play at Grandma's and Grandpa's.  He loves it there. Grandma got him a little Mickey Mouse backpack and some animals and he has packed it around ever since.  When it was past bedtime the other night he ran to get it because he put starbursts in it.  I said no he couldn't eat them.  He said, "They're not for me, they're for YOU!"  Sure enough he pulled out 3 pink starbursts for me to eat.  Coy loves colors and he knows which color should go to who.  He always saves his pink and purple candies and fruit snacks for me.  So sweet.

 Stacy brought Coy 3 yellow balloons.  He popped one right away and it scared the poop out of him!  (It might have been a little funny.)  It actually scared me too.
 I asked some questions to Coy and his answers were pretty cute:

What is the happiest day of your life?  My birthday.
What is your favorite movie? Mickey Mouse.
What is the best thing about being 3?  I'm Big.
What do you want to be when you get big?  Mickey Mouse.
Who are your best buddies?  Cohen and Livvy.
What does Mom always say to you?  Don't hit and be nice.
How old is Mom?  10.
What does Mom do when you are gone? Eat.
What does Dad do when you are gone?  Rest.
How do you know Mom loves you?  SOOO much.
What is Mom's favorite thing to do?  Rest.
How does Dad make you laugh?  He says funny things.
What is your favorite thing to do?  Play with my toys.
What makes mommy sad?  When I cry.
What is the best thing about being 3? I get a birthday.

Dear Coy,

The fact that yellow is your favorite color says it all.  You are so happy to be around and you like to make others happy.  I love catching you singing when you are by yourself and when you are loving on baby Mason.You are strong and brave and I cannot believe you are three!  Your joyful personality melts the heart of all you meet.  You always try to keep up with Cohen and Livvy and hate it when I tell you you are too little. You are a lot like Livvy and you enjoy collecting bugs with her outside all day! Your favorite thing to say is, "But MOM...." especially when I tell you to clean your room!  I love it when you sneak in my bed at night without trying to wake me and get all cozy against me. So many years to go sweet Coy and you are going to be GREAT! You have a special spot in my heart.

Love, Mom


Alyson Bailey said...

Can't tell you how much I loooove that little boy!! Loved all the yellow. The lemonade in the mason jars was darling too. Miss you, love you. Tell coy Alyson loves him!

Jolynne said...

Cuuute! Im missing all the fun! Love him!