Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Hot vs. Cold

Early one morning a couple of weeks ago Coy woke up to SNOW!  He was so super excited and wanted to get all bundled up to go play in it.  So I bundled the boys up and out they went.  It pretty much melted within the hour but it still made them happy! That (so far) is the last time I got their coats out because Summer has moved in here fast!  Cohen is already complaining that it is too hot to play outside.  I keep trying to tell him this is the best it's going to be but he's not buying it.

It has been so crazy warm that I couldn't be inside any longer.  I really need this baby out because I can't do much with it in.  So when J came home from work, I U-turned him around and we all went to the park.  It was fun.  Coy kept going down the slide, and loved it.  He usually won't because he's too afraid he will fall off, but this slide was just his size.  It was fun and wonderful to be outside in the nice weather!

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