Monday, May 5, 2014

Machine Pitch - Cohen

 This was Cohen's first year for machine pitch. He wasn't impressed that it was harder to hit the ball, but he did his best.  Sports have been a struggle for us.  Cohen doesn't love them and I feel like it's pulling teeth to get him to go.  Because of his allergies, it also makes it worse for him to be out there in the grass during spring.  One day after a really hard flag football game, I called my Grandma Bates, pretty much in tears.  So many moms have told me that if my kids do not play sports they will be left out and have a hard time in school.  She really helped me refocus.  I love her for the rock she has been in my life.  Sports is sports and I will love my kids if they play them or not. And more importantly, they are going to be just fine!!!

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